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    Body Feeling Heavy? 5 Causes and Treatment Options

      |  Apr 26, 2023

    A heavy body is a strange sensation but isn’t always an instant cause for alarm for some people. However, it’s essential to understand why your body feels heavy and what changes you can make to address a possible hormone imbalance.

    This article will describe five reasons your body might be feeling heavy due to hormonal imbalance and the actions you can take to start feeling better soon to help you get started. Let’s dive in!

    1. Poor Nutrition and Hydration

    Nutrition is everything when it comes to leading a healthy life. Because our bodies rely heavily on nutrition and hydration, it’s no surprise that lacking these elements can cause the body to feel depleted, sluggish, and heavy.

    While proper hydration is essential to a healthy lifestyle, your nutrition might harm you in ways you aren’t aware of. For instance, if you frequently consume sugar, you might encounter shorter energy bursts followed by physical and mental fatigue. This sensation is one of the primary signs of hormonal imbalance.

    2. Inflammation

    Another reason your body feels heavy could be related to inflammation caused by allergies or food intolerances. Individuals with unknown intolerances, such as dairy intolerance, could encounter feelings of heaviness or become bloated, causing the body to feel sluggish and uncomfortable.

    Food intolerance can cause digestive problems and intestinal inflammation, worsening feelings of heaviness caused by hormonal imbalances.

    3. Fatigue and Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep deprivation causes your body to become fatigued, which leads to feelings of heaviness and difficulty moving. A lack of sleep can contribute to numerous health issues, and without a healthy amount of sleep per night, people begin to feel drained and exhausted.

    Since healthy adults require at least seven hours of sleep nightly but 1 in 3 adults do not hit this minimum, it’s no surprise that many people spend most of the day feeling sluggish and lazy.

    4. Depression

    Feelings of heaviness and exhaustion are widespread among people suffering from depression, which can go hand in hand with other energy-depleting conditions like anxiety. With depression, an individual’s neurotransmitters that control energy levels cannot function properly.

    Individuals struggling with depression may feel that their chest is heavy, contributing to an overall heaviness throughout the body.

    5. Lack of Exercise

    A lack of exercise can cause numerous health concerns, and one sign that you might not be getting enough exercise is a heavy sensation in your body. While it might seem strange that exercise is necessary to boost your energy rather than deplete it, there are many benefits to regular exercise that can boost your energy levels.

    Because exercise and hormones go hand in hand, more moving can give you more energy due to several changes that occur with regular exercise. Finding an exercise that appeals to you and that you enjoy is vital to eliminate that irritating heavy feeling.

    What You Can Do to Feel Better

    Numerous options are available to start feeling better and recover when your body feels heavy. Consider the following to get back to normal:

    • Monitor your diet and adjust if you notice overconsumption of sugar, dairy, and gluten.

    • Exercise frequently, ideally for 30 minutes daily

    • Consuming water throughout the day. Staying hydrated helps regulate your body’s temperature, deliver nutrients to cells, lubricate joints, among other helpful things.

    • Practice meditation and implement yoga into your daily routine

    • Consider replenishing your energy with different treatments, such as IV Drip Therapy

    • Take advantage of various treatments and supplements to restore balance to your body

    • Consider hormone therapy services and devise a tailored treatment plan with professional services.

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